Our Company

Our Story

Project Zenith, LLC (operating as Zenith) was founded in the summer of 2019 by Conner LeBlanc, Cam deHaan, and Nic Guarisco with the original goal of helping real estate agents create 360° walk-through tours for local listings. As we were beginning to develop our shooting techniques, production processes, and market segmentation, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world. It was during those crucial months in early 2020 that Zenith evolved from a weekend project to a full-blown production company ready to capitalize on the opportunity made possible through providing immersive content services. With all three co-founders being recent Louisiana State University graduates, we made the decision to partner with LSU Innovation Park in Baton Rouge, and have since established our studio there. It is now, through investment in cutting edge technology and ambitious young talent, that we are bringing our vision of Immersive Content for All Businesses, to life.

Zenith (noun) – ze•nith | ‘zē-nəth

Definition: the point directly above the observer on a celestial sphere; point of culmination

Every person is at the center of their own zenith, a point defined by one’s own unique view of the world. Through dissolving what makes our points of view unique, we can create a more connected and fully integrated world.  

Our Methodology

As part of our commitment to understanding the industries in which our clients compete, we develop a Target Customer Profile for each business we work with that helps us understand the immersive content which will best enable the client to connect with their target customers. 


When working with clients to develop their Target Customer Profile, we research how different immersive content solutions can best be tailored to their needs and budget. 


Once a set of immersive content solutions are selected, a Zenith field technician will travel to the location of the client’s business or desired location to shoot the necessary content. 


After the content is collected, the field technician will deliver the data to Zenith’s home studio, at which point our post-production technicians will stitch, render, and edit the client’s content.  


The final step in the post-production process is to prepare the client’s content for distribution across various online platforms. Our immersive content is always optimized for viewing on a wide variety of devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and VR headsets.

Continuing Services

We make it easy for any business without their own servers to have their Zenith Virtual Tours hosted on our servers. In addition, various data analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) services can be packaged with our hosting service. 

Our Brand Philosophy & Vision

Brand Philosophy

Central to the Zenith brand is the openness and authenticity through which we interact with our clients. We understand that much of the technology we utilize is on the cutting edge of what is available, and we want to make it make sense to everyone we work with. This is why we are committed to developing meaningful relationships with our clients; we understand that the more our clients know about the technology we use, the more confident they will feel in investing in the technologies we offer. The bottom line is that we believe immersive content should be avalible to all businesses, and if that is to be a compelling proposition, those businesses must understand exactly what it is they are investing in and how these investments will benefit their own brands moving forward. 

Vision for the Future

We see immersive content as the next natural progression in the long lineage of digital content that has continued to evolve over the past several decades. In the same way video has overtaken photos as the primary way in which we create and consume content, soon immersive video/photo content will overtake traditional video content. While this technology is currently still in its infancy, over the next 3-5 years we are going to see immersive content production and consumption devices fundamentally change the way in which we interact with our digital content and each other. We envision the Zenith brand as one people come to associate with not only immersive content itself, but also those devices and platforms used to record, distribute, and consume immersive content in general.